Saturday, 3 March 2012

Capricorn One (1977)

The NASA Mars mission isn't ready and there's no more funding to fix it so the suits in charge decide to fake the whole thing.  There's a studio recreation of the Mars landing site and they're planning on filming the astronauts on this instead.  The problems start when those same astronauts are informed of this change of mission plan at the 11th hour and decide they don't want to play along with the deceit.
This is either a very silly film or quite a daring and brave piece of work depending on how you feel about the moon landings and if they really happened.
I'm going to watch it again a little later today but based on existing memories I've always kind of enjoyed it.  Its got a sci-fi premise but only in so far as setting up a big run for your life chase plot and that it does very well.
The suits, as you can see, are off the peg NASA basic but anything else wouldn't be true to the tone of the story so thats fine.


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