Thursday, 1 December 2011

Say; Happy Birthday Spaceman

Happy first birthday to this blog and a very big thankyou to it's regular followers as well as those that just pop over now and again.  I appreciate all and everyone of you and still get an enormous kick out of watching the viewing stats climb higher and higher with each passing month.

To celebrate, instead of a cake, here's the cover of one of the Action-Man books published by Purnell back in 1967.  Artist most probably destined to remain unknown unless anyone out there knows better
Well there you go; a full lap of the calender and back round to start year two.  There's still plenty more stuff to share with you.  There's more films and TV, more book and comic covers, more toys, model kits and maybe even a few more real life spacemen.  The image file is already pretty full and I'm finding new stuff all the time so stick around. 

I've still not got the glitch fixed that will allow me to comment on my own blog and thus address your comments directly but I always look at them and often edit information offered into the post in question as well as name checking those that offered it.  Keep commenting.  Keep naming those unknown artists and keep suggesting stuff that should be covered.


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