Saturday, 10 December 2011

Here Come The Double-Deckers (1970) - Invaders from Space - Gallery

Here are some much better pictures than I had back when I covered this episode of the Double Deckers the first time around.
Watching the episode again I noticed that the yellow and the green suits have white circular patches on the backs and I was trying to figure out where they might have been between this and their premier in Moon Zero Two and why they have this slight modification.
And then it dawned on me that these patches are most probably there simply to hide the holes made in the suits in order to connect the harnessed actors to the flying wires for the Zero G fight scenes at the end of the Hammer movie.  Get me, I'm like Captain Zep.
Anyway the only other question I have is what happened to the red and blue suits?  They're the only colours not to make it from the Moon to London Junkyard.  As speculated in the original post, I'm guessing that they were both too small to fit these actors but where did they wind up?  Surely they had a career of their own even if it was just modelling work on album covers or book jackets.  Anyone?
Enjoy the rest of the gallery.


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