Monday, 7 November 2011

Not Really A Spacesuit but... 2

The Earth Dies Screaming, released in1964, uses the spacesuits first seen in the 1963 satire; The Mouse on the Moon.
Here they’re used to dress the killer robots that have been sent to Earth to mop up the last few survivors of an alien plague attack.
I’ve not had the pleasure of this little gem of British cinema as of yet but I will soon and I already know I’m going to like it. 
As a side note it was directed by the late great Terence Fisher who gave us Spaceways in 1953 which has also been covered previously in this very blog.



  1. I must say I find your humble sight a brilliant thing. Excellent selection of posts you've got, and a good share of the good, bad, and weird films from times passed.


  2. Might I suggest the short film "Magnetic Rose" to tickle your fancy?