Wednesday, 16 November 2011

2001 A Space Odyssey - Recycled

It's a reasonably well documented fact that after production of 2001 wrapped, Stanley Kubrick ordered the models, props and costumes scrapped so that they wouldn't resurface in other film productions and lessen his original in the way that they did in Forbidden Planet, for example.  Now bits of that film have turned up all over the place and for decades after.

Well Stan's plan was a good plan and it almost worked... but for the fact that nobody was watching for those cheeky skip-pickers that worked for B.B.C. tv.  Now these guys were expected to make something out of nothing on a regular basis and turn in movie quality work for pocket money prices.  And they did for the most part and I was and remain a huge fan of what they achieved.  They furnished my childhood dreams and made the imaginable seem real.   And they also managed to get their hands on one of these;
Two of these;
And a couple of these as well;
Which then resurfaced in the 1972 Doctor Who story The Mutants
The Blake's 7 first series, second episode story; Spacefall from 1978
The Doctor Who story The Pirate Planet also from 1978
And another Douglas Adams penned Doctor Who from the following year; The City of Death, 1979
And do you know, given the gaps between some of those appearances, I'd put good money on the fact that there are more of these random acts of unauthorised recycling as yet unreported.
If you know of any others then drop me a comments and I'll add them to the list along with a name check.  I'll say thanks now in advance though because for reasons I can't yet find the time to sort out, I remain unable to reply to comments on my own blog except within these posts

So, Joshua, many thanks for your kind comments the other day and I will check out your recommendation.



  1. The under suit from Moonraker and Austin Powers look awfully familiar

    May be replicas/homages



  2. Here's another in Stones of Blood:

    1. Can't see it through the link but I own the DVD so give us a clue and I'll go play I-Spy. Can't believe I haven't noticed it before

      Thanks Phillip

    2. Armageddon Factor 4, a backpack & chest unit in black in the cockpit of the Marshal's ship and near the door of the teleporter. Wouldn't have caught the first one if I hadn't seen from you hey were black in city of death

      And here's the Stones of Blood Pictures you couldn't see above

    3. Gave me a nice excuse to watch stones of blood again. Under the desk. that's obscure and almost pointless. They've become the Hitchcock cameo of the Who world :)