Thursday, 8 September 2011

WWF The Monkey Returns (2010)

Can't believe I only discovered this a few minutes ago but it's too cool not to share right away.
The images are screen grabs from the video for Australian musician Ben Lee's single Song For the Divine Mother of the Universe and it was made in collaboration with WWF Australia.
It's the story of a space monkey returning to Earth after 65 years and finding its home world to be a very different place from that which it left all those years previous.
Its a good cause, a stunning video and a rather addictive little song that grows on you much quicker than you would expect.
I don't do links so you'll have to go look it up in all the usual places.  It should take you about five seconds to find and leave you with images to last a life time.
It's pop music video as an art form.


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