Wednesday, 21 November 2018

The Man In The Moon - Charlie Drake (1964)

This is the cover of The Man In The Moon, the 7" 45rpm EP record featuring Charlie Drake, The Michael Sammes Singers and Johnnie Spence And His Orchestra.  This vinyl release featured the hit songs from Robert Nesbitt's Space-Age musical, which ran at the London Palladium from December 23rd 1963 for the Christmas season.  (That's roughly the same time that the British public were catching there first glimpse of Doctor Who's Daleks!)  Now I wasn't around back then but I am just old enough that everything above means something to me and I actually know, broadly speaking, who all of those names are, but then I am developing a latent taste for cheesy old tunes of yesteryear.



  1. Glad to see you`re still alive.I`ve got a couple of oldies this time.
    The first is 1958s Missile to the moon,its a real cheapie,the suits are basically flight suits with helmets and face masks but hooked up to oxygen tanks on the back,real low budget poverty row stuff,but technically a spacesuit.
    The next one is also from 1958,its From the earth to the moon
    The suits in question look a little diving suit-ish,but they do qualify as spacesuits tho we barely get to see them used.

    And a tv miniseries from 2008 called Impact,about trying to stop the moon hitting the earth

    1. Cheers Tim, i'll pull some images to blog over xmas hols

  2. I have a suggestion for one, both called "Tekken 6 Heihachi ending" and "Tekken 6 Kuma ending"
    I don't know anything about the background of the video, but I'll provide links.

  3. thank you sir, i'll do some blogging over Christmas holidays

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  5. I wonder if you'd be interested in my new song 'The Naked Spaceman'. A funny take on my attempt to get into the space race.

  6. very good...its a little "Neil Innes" which is no bad thing. Well done, made me smile