Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Pervye na Lune (2005)

Pervye na Lune AKA First on the Moon is a 2005 Russian mockumentary about a fictional 1930s Soviet Moon landing. The film, which went on to win many awards, was the debut of the director Aleksei Fedorchenko.



  1. Glad to see you`re still alive.
    Someone has finally uploaded the complete version of The noahs ark principle from 1984 on youtube,so we can see its spacesuits.

    This is the first film done by Roland Emmerich[Stargate,Independence Day..etc..] when he was at film school so its nothing fantastic but for a first try its actually kind of impressive.
    I found a nice big pic showing the suit+backpack

    And this frontal shot

    1. Cheers Tim, Just life and other bits and bobs getting in the way. Must make an effort to post more so you tip is most welcome, ill go check it out.
      Hope you are well.