Thursday, 22 March 2018

Marmalade Atkins in Space (1981)

I've been wanting to blog this one for a while but have been waiting for some decent images to appear.  This is the best we're going to get ,I think, but it will do the job

Marmalade Atkins was created by Andrew Davies.  She appeared first in book form in Marmalade and Rufus (1979) but within a couple of years had been adapted for television where she was played by the rather brilliant Charlotte Coleman.  Her TV debut was initially in the one-off Marmalade Atkins in Space, broadcast in 1981 as part of the Theatre Box series.  However this proved so popular that it was followed by two ten-part series entitled Educating Marmalade (1982/1983) and Danger: Marmalade At Work (1984).  I remember watching this anarchic kids show when I was probably a little too old for it but you know; Funny is funny, whatever the demographic.

A couple of the book covers and an illustration from within.



  1. I grew up watching Charlotte; she was the same age as me. I really miss her.

    1. Agreed, I still miss her performances. It was very sad when she died and you do feel you know actors more if you have watched them grow up. She was in Worzel Gummage as I recall so we had been watching her for a long time

  2. I remember her most from Worzel Gummidge. Quite recently I discovered that the countryside where it was filmed is only 8 miles from where I now live. I'll be walking out there to visit it soon. I don't know how I'll feel.

  3. Hampshire, near Romsey and Braishfield. Ten Acre Field is there, as well as the farm, the school, the pond and the barns they used.

  4. cool. I might have to make sure a family holiday involves travelling to that bit of the world, even if just passing through for the day.