Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Behind the Scenes - A 12th Gallery

2001 A Space Odyssey  (1968)
Moontrap 1989
 The Quatermass Experiment 1953
Outer Limits - Moonstone 1964
Outer Limits - Moonstone 1964


  1. I`ve stumbled across another obscure one,its 2005s Absolute Zero,its where the red suits with the gsh6 helmets that we saw the next year [2006] in Earthstorm possibly first appeared.It stars the gorgeous Erika Eleniak,former star of Baywatch whos first big screen appearance was in another spacesuit movie 1982s ET the extraterrestrial,shes the tall girl that elliot kisses during biology class.She grows up to have a stunning body and I think possibly modeled for playboy.
    The plot of the movie looks to be a low budget made for tv version of The day after tomorrow type disaster movie involving a sudden freeze in miami with our heroes having to wear spacesuits in order to survive the intense lethal cold.