Thursday, 21 September 2017

Red Dwarf Season 12 (2017)

It wasn't even a month ago that I blogged about what appears to be the reusing of the Doppelganger / UFO helmets in a forthcoming episode of Electric Dreams, as seen in the season trailer.  A helmet that hasn't been seen for decades

And now today I'm pointed toward the new season twelve Red Dwarf trailer because something almost as old and equally interesting has been spotted there within.
Yes; Not one but two Space 1999 helmets!  Where have these been for all these years and how cool is it that they have come out of retirement to continues in their career in genre TV.
Thanks again Mr De Prave, you've a keen eye for a classic



  1. One word:WOW!!
    A new red dwarf and not one but 2 space 1999 helmets starring in it!.I knew that one of the helmets+neck ring concertina had survived,but as for the others they seemed to just disappear.
    On an unrelated note I`ve just seen Star Wars Rogue One and Dr Strange and they were both pretty good I thought,I`m also looking forward to the Bladerunner sequel,hopefully Trump wont have started a nuclear war before it gets released.

    1. Wow was what I said when I was directed towards these. that is the only response.
      Yeah lots to like in Rogue One but then it has a cracking director so I was quite optimistic to start with. Dr Strange was good but I would be more interested in where a sequel might take the story having got all the origin stuff out of the way.

      Ah Trump. We live in strange times

  2. What i have to say ?
    Red Dwarf respect the Classic of British TV Sci-Fi !
    On there way ;-)

  3. Ok,I`ve found a really,really,really obscure one this time,it features not just one but two well known suits,the first of the suits is from 1971s Earth II/Six million dollar man/plus some others,it pops up right at the beginning of the movie in a blink and you miss it appearance,but later on you see it again in a moon walk sequence that involves a crucified jesus [on the moon!],in addition theres also a second suit that appears to be the Way Out/Escape from the planet of the apes suit but with a brand new helmet that does seem somewhat familiar but sadly I just cant seem to place it.
    The movie in question is 1980s The Ninth Configuration which was directed by the writer of the Exorcist William Peter Blatty who based it on his book Twinkle twinkle killer kane.One of the actors in this is in fact the same one who played the younger priest Damian Karras in the Exorcist. [4:00][45:46][1:13:25]