Thursday, 18 May 2017

Blackadder's Christmas Carol (1988)

One off special of the Blackadder comedy series, sees a future version of Blackadder in a battle armour space suit.
I'm going to judgement call the spacesuit element due to the corrugated air hose attached to the helmet.


  1. Good judgement call,I heartily agree!
    That sequence had lines of pure Shakespeare:"I too cringe my dribblers at your resplendent poffle-snu" or "What of the sheep squeezers of splattercon five,are they as suck creamed as a quaam beasts nubbo?",I mean that is literally up there with "we will touch teach and you will learn by osmosis" and "The penis is evil" from Zardoz,and they all still make me laugh today.I`m sure that if Shakespeare had known of science fiction he would have written grand epic space operas and he would no doubt have included all of the above lines in them.
    The other thing I liked about this segment was that in the end black adder,or one of his descendants at any rate,finally won out and became emperor of the known universe.Lastly I wonder where they got the costumes from?,to me it screams early 80s dr who or blakes 7,maybe they raided the left over sf wardrobe department.

  2. Thanks Tim. Yes it all looks a bit Blake's 7 to me as well, and that middle bit, the big belt of tech looks very familiar. A real feeling of having seen it somewhere else.
    The Shakespearian qualities of Zardoz are undeniable! Such an amazing film, that I enjoy more every time I watch it and that's decades worth of escalating enjoyment!
    As always, thanks for the words and the finds

  3. I`ve found another music video featuring a homage to barbarellas spacesuit striptease,its by ariana grand for the song break free
    One more along with kylie and the beegees

    1. And I found this cover sleeve from the band erasure

    2. Cheers for that Tim, I've grabbed some good images but I'll hold off blogging it for a bit due recent events