Monday, 24 April 2017

Deep Space Wombles (1998)

The Wombles in space, well who would have thought it!

I was raised on The Wombles, back in the early 1970s which looked pretty much like this but with all the characters voiced by the great Bernard Cribbins.  Consequently, watching bits of this episode online, with lots of new Wombles and lots of different actors doing the voices, well it all seemed a bit off and not quite right! There's cars, helicopters and rocket ships...its all so "modern!"

Still who am I to deny another generation the pleasure of those furry little litter pickers..... and I do enjoy a really obscure find for this blog. the way, they don't really get into space, they just think they do.  A bit of a spoiler there but it makes me feel better to know The Clangers remain safe from discovery.



  1. Ah the wombles,I can remember that they along with space 1999,6 million dollar man and land of the giants were 4 of my favorite shows from late 75/early 76,...what happy days.
    Heres a link to the spacesuit book,I uploaded it to a mirror site so you can take your pick of dl links

  2. i can hardly remember the Wombles
    some episode run on Belgium and German TV channels.
    you can find the episode "Deep Space Wombles" on You tube

    That remind me more old children show
    Like french "Colargol" were little bear who try to find his mother
    even in space

    Were children's Tv series never gone before: into Space
    there is German old time classic "Unser Sandmännchen" the original East german !
    here in Spacesuit as was shot with first east german into Space
    While visiting Salute space station

    West Germany could't stay behind and send the "Die sending mit der Maus" into Space Twice...

    The funny side of the Cold war...

  3. I'm in the U.S. and to the best of my knowledge the Wombles never made it to these shores. I only know of them because Mike Batt produced a couple of albums by Steeleye Span and I followed up on a reference to them in a CD liner note. It's all a bit too bubble-gum for my tastes as an adult, but I'm sure I'd have loved them as a kid. The Clangers and Wurzel Gummidge are two other UK series from this general era I only discovered much later because of their connections to Doctor Who. The Clangers featured briefly in "The Sea Devils" during Jon Pertwee's era (The Master was watching them in his island prison cell) and Pertwee himself, of course played Wurzel Gummidge. The Clangers I can take or leave but Gummidge is quite charming and I've enjoyed the episodes I've been able to find.

    1. Thanks Bradley. Glad you enjoyed some of the classics of oddball Brit TV however late on it was. I guess most things can be found on the internet now, giving us the chance to drink from alternative cultures.
      Of course your Dr Who connection to The Wombles was that the animated TV show was narrated and voiced by Bernard Cribbins, Grandfather of Donna Noble and accidental causer of the 10th Docs death/ regeneration.