Thursday, 30 March 2017

Zack Box 31 - Space 1999 comic (1977)

An image from the Blog Space 1970 for the German Space 1999 comic.  Its wonderful isn't it and there are a couple more images to be found here:

Its a great place to look around so get yourself over there and delight in the very best of sci-fi from one of the finest decades I've ever had the pleasure of playing in.



  1. The magazine is called Zack Box.Some of these have been translated into english,they`re a mixture of episode adaptions and original stories

  2. Little correction the magazine title is ZACK
    during 1972 to 1980 they publish fine comics from France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain and Italy
    with spinoff like ZACK-Box what is album edition from Magazine

    ZACK was Innovative as they order new comic story at Artist
    One of those were Space: 1999 comics by artist Cardona and script by Farinas from Italy
    To make clear there NOT part of Anderson merchandise !

  3. Oh Dam, i forgot those album are from 1977 and 1978

  4. I`ve found another outing for the Plymouth suits,its a pilot for a series that never was,its called Star Command from 1996 [55:17]