Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Invaders - Moonshot (1967)

Say; Hello Spaceman

Stumbled across this episode as a re-run on the TV this evening. Should have thought to look, really.  A show like The Invaders was bound to have at least one spacesuit appearance, and what a suit it is!  If you are not familiar with it or this blog then follow the "Way Out Spacesuit" label below to marvel at all the place these suits end up.



  1. It looks like they modified the helmets to have opening visors for this appearance

    1. Good spot, I hadn't noticed that detail but In Like Flint has them opening as well. That came out 1967 so same year. Because of production time we might hypothesise it was the film that made the alteration first?

    2. I would say you`re probably right about that,its weird in the Get Smart pics only one of the helmets has this feature the other two appear to be originals tho each of these are slightly different as well,after looking at the original visor from Way,way out it looks like these opening visors are brand new not modified originals and were then later fixed in place,compare the visors from Way way out and Escape from the Planet of the Apes and you can see that they are different one is stepped the other is flush with the outside of the helmet you can also see this in the Voyage to the bottom of the sea episode which has the new visor but without the hinges,damn I love this site just look at what we discover.

    3. I did some digging and it turns out that one of the suits has been found and restored to its Escape From The Planet of The Apes look,you can see the pictures of the rather shabby looking original and the excellent restoration done on it
      I also found this its from the comic part of the story record of Escape and features the unseen on film destruction of earth,its similar to but also a little different to the marvel comics version of these same events.

    4. I've seen the restoration site before-Stunning work.
      The comic strip is new and interesting. nice find

  2. I`ve just found another one that literally popped up as I was watching the telly,I actually did remember the show but was more than a little shocked when I found out it was twenty years old,it ran for four series from `95,this is from ep2 of the 2nd series,title:Must come down,and has former Neighbours star Craig Mclachlan in a spacesuit.
    http://gorillavid.in/39ka77laa0kx [13:36]