Sunday, 17 April 2016

Starblazer - Space Fiction Adventure in Pictures - A Large Gallery (1979 onwards)

Starblazer - Space Fiction Adventure in Pictures was a British small-format comics anthology in black and white published by D. C. Thomson & Co. Ltd. There were 281 issues in all with the first published in April 1979 and the last published in January 1991.


If you would like to see even more covers of a none space suited variety then go here:

...its a very cool blog full of all kinds of wonderful put together with love.



  1. Some fantastic covers there, I spotted the work of Ian Kennedy amongst them.

  2. I recognise the art of the guy that did Time Quake in Star Lord comic. is that him?

  3. It looks like the SF version of Commando,its surprising that I dont recall seeing it as it does have an NZ price on it.I wonder if the interior art was as good as the covers,if its like Commando then probably not.

    1. I had a couple back in the day. I seem to remember the interior art was ok, a bit basic but mainly just too small to really appreciate. I used to be attracted by the covers, then have a flick through and decide to spend my money on something larger

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  5. I have just remembered this one its from 1996s Romeo+Juliet which does have a spacesuit in it
    The guy wearing it is a very young Paul Rudd whos latest film Antman sees him wearing a helmet that could be a contender for the Not really a spacesuit but.. category,and speaking of that..
    I`ve found another one for the:Not really a spacesuit but.. category,its from the up and coming movie Lazer Team which looks like it might be quite funny
    And last but not least