Monday, 21 March 2016

The 100 (2014)



  1. This looks a lot like the chinese TK4-B
    Whats the actual show like,is it any good?

    I`ve also found another obscure one,its from 1983/84 by Roland Emmerich who went on to fame with Stargate and Independence Day,its called the noah's ark principle/Das Arche Noah Prinzip,so far this is all I could find.,6iGnVQeFyzFlzpCT75_5xujK6tP8G8ttg77ULNENDHr67_E7rcN3WH3zLFXCjk0m_I6Z5OehPopFeQz5KPoleg==.jpg,6iGnVQeFyzFlzpCT75_5xujK6tP8G8ttg77ULNENDHr67_E7rcN3WH3zLFXCjk0m_I6Z5OehPopFeQz5KPoleg==.jpg,6yuwvvUzzTyarDYfSSiAJ74WK5h8SmJ14QgdQcgjxUg9XFBzVwqcUXsds9NSYsDNY3ruOmmqefLhVA86hafmjQ==.jpg

    Did you get a chance to check out this amazing link?
    It showcases the Men into space helmets [MA-3] and it also shows the identity of the mystery helmet [MC-2] from The Outer Limits - The Premonition (1965)episode and it also has the HG-13/S901 that appears to be the inspiration for the helmet in the green slime and x from outerspace,the prop even has the internal webbing adjustment take-up knob on the right side of the helmet,one wonders if that actually works on the prop?,could these have actually been real HG-13s that were modified.Whats really amazing me is how many of these prop helmets are turning out to be actual real helmets

    1. Hi Tim. Been a bit busy of late but I reckon there are a few good posts out of your link for the future - thanks.

      As to 100; I think I watched the first episode and it just seemed a bit too Hunger Games/Lost/a bunch of other shows I've already seen. That said I keep catching trailers for new episodes and its looking quite interesting. Might be worth a catch up.

  2. The MA-3 does indeed look a lot like the helmets used through most of "Men Into Space."

    In the first episode, the suits worn were different. Most sources state that the first episode used Navy Mark III gold lame pressure suits. ( which were replaced with costumes for the rest of the series. I agree, though, that the MIS "costume" helmets closely resemble the MA-3.