Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Quatermass Xperiment (1955)

The Hammer Film version of the BBC TV series which is also known as The Creeping Unknown in the USA.

The plot is thus...

Three astronauts are launched into space aboard a rocket designed by Professor Quatermass, but the spacecraft returns to Earth with only one occupant, Victor Carroon (Richard Wordsworth). Something has infected him during the spaceflight, and he begins mutating into an alien organism which, if it spores, will engulf and destroy humanity. When the Carroon-creature escapes from custody, Quatermass and Scotland Yard's Inspector Lomax (Jack Warner), have just hours to track it down and prevent a catastrophe

But you probably knew all of that already



  1. i'm surprised
    the Movie is made in Black/White
    and this color picture or has someone color the Picture with airbrush ?

  2. It's a lobby card image and I believe there is quite a tradition of colouring them in to make them more exciting ! Obviously if the film is black and white then its open to the colourist's imagination. That said I have seen coloured in black and white publicity images to colour films where the artist has still gone off and made it up. Flight to Mars and Moon Zero 2 to pick a couple off the top of my head