Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Star Wars - Return of the Jedi (1983)

It's Bossk in a blink and you'll miss him appearance in the third of the original Star Wars films.


  1. How did he get that suit on over those meathooks? (gloves)

    1. Impressively stupid looking isn't it. Which is odd because that line of bounty hunters in Empire was so cool

  2. >How did he get that suit on over those meathooks? (gloves)
    first the suit, then the gloves

    what for irony that a Space Suit prototype build for British RAF end up in British TV and Movie industry.
    instead to be use in British Bombers or Spacecrafts, it end up in:
    The First Men in the Moon., various Doctor Who episodes, Department S and Star Wars IV and V

  3. I don't think the Department S suits are Windaks but rather the suits worn by the astronauts in the lunar lander in The First Men in the Moon. I've recently found some better pictures that show these suits in Department S episode and will post soon. Otherwise if you follow the Windak Label above, I think I covered most of the appearances you mention in one form or other.

  4. Yeah for some reason Return Of The Jedi came along and the production value seemed to go down and a lot of props, models and costumes were remade, with cheaper parts. Probably thought no one would notice.