Sunday, 15 February 2015

Iron Sky (2012) - Part one: The American Spacesuits



Spacesuit 1 and 2 and technically a glimpse of 3 as well although the Nazi suit doesn't really look like one.  And all of this from the first 5 minutes of the film.  I've finally ordered me a copy of this on DVD, and on the understanding that it will make me laugh.  Worth a punt for a couple of quid and I was also motivated a little by the online trailer for the sequel; Iron Sky:The Coming Race.



  1. It is very funny movie but unfortunately the spacesuits are bad and only in the very beginning. Still a movie worth seeing.

  2. A excellent black comedy
    who to mess around with every stereotypes
    on nasty hilarious way...

  3. Well, that was a bit good. Much, much better than I thought it would be. I was prepared to forgive it it's sins but it didn't have any. What a laugh. Bring on part two. ....And there's another space suit in there so there'll be another blog post soon

  4. Didn't care to watch this, the people behind it were behind Star Wreak which I watched. I found it just bad.

    1. Not overly familiar with Star Wreck other than what I just read in three minutes. There are a number of Star Wreck films, it seems, and they are fan made parodies of Star Trek and Bab 5. - No I wouldn't be much interested in them either but I guess you have to cut your teeth somewhere on something.