Sunday, 19 October 2014

Major Matt Mason colouring book (1968)

A colouring book based on the much loved toy line. Now either  the chap in blue is meant to be a giant or this might just be an early Rob Liefeld.  If any one from across the pond wants to shed any light on this or who the cover artist really is then I'll see you in the comments section later


  1. I recently talked about the Major Matt Mason toyline (m3 to his friends) on my blog. Some really unique toys for a unique time period. The artist is listed by the M3 fansite as Dan Spiegle and Al Anderson. It sold originally in 1968 for 29 cents American.

    1. Cheers William. I knew it wouldn't take long for someone to come up with the goods

  2. Nice! I had several of these when I was a kid (yeah, I showing my age) and they were a blast. Too bad I didn't keep them since they'd certainly be worth something to someone nowadays.

  3. I had the actual toys as well as the coloring books that is . . .

  4. A little envious of any one that had this stuff. I had an older cousin who had one and I remember thinking it was the coolest thing but when I asked him where he had got it from, and he told me it was a present from America, I knew it wasn't likely to get one of my own any time soon. That was 1973'ish and I still don't own one yet.

  5. Still have this in storage somewhere. Though its a bit beat up. Sadly my figures my dad got me were stolen some years ago.

  6. Its good I guess that we have the internet where we can at least see these things again.