Saturday, 5 July 2014

Prospect (2014)

Prospect is a rather wonderful short film I discovered earlier this evening.  Its out on the net, its free and hopefully this here link: will take you to it and you can enjoy it for yourself.  Go now then and then come back.

And a little background making of can be found here:



  1. Looks like another pressure suit helmet,tho its not one I recognized,but while I was looking to see if I could spot it on ebay I ran into these

    1. Yes,the thing I wouldnt have minded was the 20,000+usd 111inch 1:25 scale model of energia/buran from the Energia Rocket Corporation museum,perhaps when I win lotto
      I also found this online,it looks like it could be one of the suits from 1959 Destination Space

    2. It's a great picture. I did it for Something for the Weekend #8 and its originally from Conquest of Space 1955. As Destination Space (1959) used footage from that film you're not wrong either. Cheers any way Tim. Keep seeking me out nice things, there's a lot of posts on here down to your finds.