Saturday, 16 November 2013

In the Dust of the Stars (1976)

In the Dust of the Stars is an East German film from 1976.
IMDB says;

After a six year journey, the Spaceship Cyrno lands on the planet TEM 4 from where they had received a call for help. Strangely enough, the Temers deny having sent this message. As commander Akala prepares the spaceship to leave they get an invitation from the rich ruler of TEM 4 to be a part of a lush party. Not only do the opulent food and the seductive dancers cloud their minds, but also the drugs mixed into their food manipulate their consciousness. Only navigator Suko was left behind on the spaceship for security reasons and makes an unexpected, terrible discovery.

Oooohh!  I've never seen this but it sounds good to me; being foreign and from off of the 70's and all that.



  1. This was a pretty interesting film and like the other sf films I've seen from this studio much more idea driven than contemporaneous western sf films. It's notable, too for a VERY weird, groovy 70's vibe throughout. It's definitely worth seeing for that alone.

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  3. Theres also another east german sf film from 1970 Signals: An Adventure in Space

    1. Cheers Tim, That's a new one on me. Many thanks I'm gathering images and will be blogging soon.