Saturday, 17 August 2013

Battle in Outer Space (1960) aka The Great Space War

Battle in Outer Space (1960) was released originally in Japan as The Great Space War at the back end of the previous year. The film is a loose sequel to The Mysterians (1957).  And there I must confess to having seen neither of them so rather that wiki-repeat I'll just let you look at the pretty pictures.




  1. This is well worth looking at in the letter-boxed, original Japanese cut currently available on DVD. It is … in spite of a low by Hollywood or English standards budget … a big-scale spectacular. The rough edges (literally on some of the miniatures and in some of the less-than-ILM-quality bluescreen shots) and the story is a bit simplistic but it looks great and is a ton O' fun! Nothing from Hollywood or the UK even attempted anything THAT ambitious at that time. 20th Century Fox started doing some big sci-fi flicks in the 60s but by the mid 1950s it was low-budget stuff only.