Saturday, 12 May 2012

Restricted View (1975/?)

Two alien robots, a quiet country lane and cars that vanish into blinding white balls of light appearing  suddenly in the  middle of the road.  A Classic bit of 70's Doctor Who?  An episode of UFO?  Not Quite
Restricted View is the title of a Public Information Film as featured on the "Charley Says" Vol 2 DVD.  I'm not sure if that's the official title or just the one made up for the DVD - What I also don't know is the year.  I tried to be clever and date the car registration plates but the image is a bit rough after all these years and the nearest I'm going to guess at is 1975 - maybe.
I love these PIF's. As a kid back then they totally coloured my view of the world as much as any TV shows.  And they presented the outside world as a slightly odd, spooky and dangerous place to play which despite popular belief made it an even more exciting a playground, as long as you didn't do anything stupid like fly kites under pylons or swim in muddy junk filled rivers, hide inside fridges, talk to strangers, cross the road, run on the beach, play cowboys and indians on farms etc etc
I could actually remember this one from back in the day even though it's  one which rarely ever gets a mention when people get all nostalgic about them.  Although given the age I first saw it, I remember the menace and not the message.  If asked I probably would have told you it was about the dangers of silver aliens  hiding in the countryside and not blind spots when driving.
So what we have here is another appearance of the Moon Zero Two suits, with two Moon Zero Two helmets.  Were these the ones from Space 1999 or  was it the other way around.  One of the helmets has been customised to make it roboty which might offer a reason why there weren't two helmets available for the Darians to use.  In this case time  probably won't tell.