Sunday, 8 April 2012

Mr Benn - The Spaceman (1971)

Originally created, written and illustrated by David McKee.  Mr Benn began life in book form before developing into a very popular children's TV series at the start of the 1970's.
Each week Mr Benn would go to a magical fancy dress shop to try on one of the costumes and then when he left the changing room  he would have a related adventure, returning to the shop thereafter with a souvenir from whichever land he had just been in

Caveman, Wizard, Clown and  Knight to name but 4 of them and Spaceman to name a 5th.
Much loved by a whole generation who watching this stuff endlessly repeated on British television.  The nostalgia attached is such that you can even sell a rather nice collectible range of ornaments to those very same children now that they've grown up to become middle aged with kids of there own.  As well as the books and the DVD's of course.
No I don't own this but it is a good way to appreciate the space suite in slightly more detail.



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