Sunday, 23 October 2011

Not Really A Spacesuit but... 1

Hello and welcome to the first; "Not Really A Spacesuit but..."

As well as the dozens and dozens of spacesuits still pending in the image banks I've also got a few captures that for technical reasons are not actually spacesuits as such but are close enough to merit a look.. or, as in this case, have some special significance to us over here at the; Say; Hello Spaceman blog.
We're going to start with this recent find which is from the lesser known Hammer film; These are the Damned.  Its a very odd film this, well more like three completely different films bolted together.  There are rebellious biker gangs, incestuous undercurrents between seaside siblings, secret government bases and scary intelligent Wyndhamesque children.  Its a strange brew and quite dark and cynical for it's time and I really like it.

But all that aside, what's of interest to us here is an appearance of the Pathfinder helmets we've been previously tracking through various TV shows.  In These are the Damned it's used as part of a radiation suit for which it is every bit as effective.  The film was eventually released in 1963 but actually made in 1961 so this marks one of the early uses of this prop.  I'm sure there are even more still out there.


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