Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Doctor Who Four to Doomsday (1982)

I watched this recently and whilst it wasn’t as bad as I remember, it wasn’t exactly great either.
Now I do like Peter Davison’s version of The Doctor I just don’t know if I like the early 80’s production values of his tenure all that much. 
The show was a little too style over content back then and certainly a bit of flash and sparkle would take priority over the logic's of the plot.
Which is why we have the Doctor floating around in space in just a space helmet and no suit.
And we’ve also got Adric knocking about in a space suit but never actually leaving the ship. 
There’s also some random space helmet wearing by the remaining crew of the Tardis but for reasons far too spurious to explain
Normally at this point I might recommend purchasing the DVD if you want to know more but there are other Doctor Who stories far more worthy of your time and money than this one.

Thats The Doctor trying to pretend he's in Battlestar Galactica!


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