Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Armageddon (1998)

Head's Up!  Its; Armageddon
This film came out only a couple of months after Deep Impact, another very similar film about a giant asteroid on a collision course with the Earth.  This one has a rather large list of acting talents and in excess of 160 impossible things lurking within its plot as identified by NASA employees who use the film as part of their Management Training Program.
Me?  well I just think its a load of old toffee that's far too busy trying to make a hero out of Mr American Everyman that it forgot to simply engage the audience.  Lets just not talk about it any more and look at the spacesuits instead.

They're sort of interesting although they remind me too much of the space suits used in Event Horizon the year before.  I've notion they were made by the same company but I'll check that out when I blog on that far superior film.


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