Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Captain Video and the Video Rangers (1949)

Captain Video and the Video Rangers was first broadcast on the 27th of June 1949 and lasted until April of 1955.  The show went out live several times a week and was a hit with all ages.  This was the first of this type of show garnering almost immediate imitators with similar sci-fi copies as Space Patrol and Tom Corbett.
The shows set-up was pretty simple with Captain Video and his Video Rangers policing the far future from such evils as Dr Pauli, Nargola, Mook, Kul and Clysmok.   And then for about  ten minutes of every half hour show the sci-fi stopped so that one of the rangers could introduce the audience to some undercover ranger adventures in the form of old cowboy films!  No really....  but then these were the early days of TV so there were no rules to be broken yet.

And while we're on the subject of the shows groundbreaking nature.....is that a square space helmet under that Video Ranger's arm?


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