Saturday, 11 March 2023

The Morecambe & Wise Show (1970)

Well I always knew there were more appearances of this space suit and helmet out there, I just wasn't expecting one of them to be in something as high profile as The Morecambe and Wise Show

This is from a sketch in the first episode of the BBC's run which aired on 1st of July 1970.

I've also found yet another appearance of this spacesuit and helmet which I'll be posting next and then I'm probably going to have to do an index of all the known  appearances, dates  and colour changes.

If you are new here and dont recognise them, these were the suits first used in Doppelgänger, a 1969 British science fiction film written by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.  They then became even more prolific in the Anderson's TV series UFO, as well as being loaned out to make lots more appearances in other TV shows, adverts, book and record covers.



  1. I`ve found some old ones as well:
    [1963] Dennis the menace:Junior astronaut [s4e15]
    This looks like hes probably wearing an actual mercury suit!
    [1966] Gomer Pyle USMC:Gomer and the little men from outer space

    1. I`ve just realised that the helmet that Dennis is wearing is the same type as the one that the hero wears in Robinson crusoe on mars,is it the same one repainted?
      I`ve also found a decent pic of the alien slavers from that film with a good shot of their destination moon type suits,it even shows the circular backpack units that they`re wearing,tho interestingly the one on the right looks different to the one on the left.[1%2F1%2F6%2F7%2F1167605]&call=url[file%3Aproduct.chain]

    2. Tim. you are an absolute star. thankyou

    3. Okay,I`ve found another really obscure one that I stumbled across purely by chance [while looking for another czech spacesuit film].
      Its a czech sf film from 1977 called Zítra vstanu a opařím se čajem,which supposedly translates as:Tomorrow I'll wake up and scald myself with Tea.
      Its a comedy set in the 90s about an attempt to go back in time and help the nazis win ww2.
      The suits should be right up your alley as they look to have been inspired by the suits in 2001 a space odyssey.The 90s sets have a ufo/space 1999 70s sf look/feel to them,as one would expect naturally.
      Evidently this was shown in the uk on bbc 2 WAY Waay back in 1982[Saturday January 16 at 9.35pm to be exact],since this is in your neck of the woods does it ring any bells with you?.