Sunday, 2 October 2022

Harpers Bazaar (1965)

Paul McCartney and Jean Shrimpton in Harpers Bazaar April 1965
Photos by Richard Avedon Mercury suit by NASA


  1. Glad to see you`re still very much alive.
    I`ve found another very obscure one,purely by chance as one does.
    Its from the 1987 sitcom Out of this world,which you`ve already got a listing for.This is from series 2 ep8 and features tom bosley [the dad from happy days] in a suit.
    The helmet looks a bit like the original destination moon type and even has a long attached neck ring like the destination moon inspired paper mache ones from radar men from the moon[also used with the gorilla suit in robot monster and quite a few other movies as well].
    As with all very low budget shows of this type I cant imagine them having this made for the episode,so the big question is,where did it come from originally?

    1. Hi Tim, yep still clinging on :). Hope you are well. cheers for that find, nice and obscure, the way i like them. ill try and post some stuff up over the holidays. Thanks again

    2. Good to hear that you`re still doing okay.
      I`ve found one in the "so bad its good category".It starts off almost as what looks to be a chinese version of the martian,in fact some of the shots almost look like they`ve been copied from that movie,except that this time right at the begining chinese matt damon doesnt get left behind and everyone makes it safely into the escape ship which makes a successful launch.........only then to run smack into an enormous flying martian whale.....!!??
      This then is the utterly batshit crazy beginning to Mutation on Mars
      Naturally it has some spacesuits in it as well.
      The led strips in the helmet remind me a little of the lighting in the outland suits,just a bit more subtle
      And heres the movie itself complete with eng subs

      Theres also another one which I`m surprised that you dont have,its the 1964 british movie titled The Earth Dies Screaming,which I think is a great schlock title
      The bad guys,who might actually be alien robots in spacesuits!,look like leftovers from a period dr who episode.

  2. ok,I`ve just found another really obscure one purely by chance,its 1978s Eyes behind the stars,and the suits,they have full face blue visors[with breathing holes drilled in!?],are the weirdest that I`ve seen in a long time.
    The whole things got a real 70s low budget sf look to it

    1. Nice one Tim. just been reading up on it and watching some of it online. yep sounds like a low budget mess but wonderfully novel and silly. great find