Saturday 24 June 2023

Black Mirror: Beyond the Sea (2023)

   Beyond the Sea is the third episode of the sixth series of the anthology series Black Mirror. It was written by series creator Charlie Brooker. 

   A fascinating episode in what has been a great series.  I'm not going to tell you anything else about it because you should go watch all of them knowing nothing.



  1. I must say the quality of the suits on offer in both tv and movie productions just keeps on getting better,certainly going by the pics you posted above at any rate.
    I`ve got a couple of new finds for you,both kids films,ones brand new the other is from back in the late sixties.
    The first is a disney offering from 2023,its called the crater.
    Its set in the 23rd century on the moon about a group of kids who steal a lunar rover and head out to check out a certain crater.....and now you know all that I know.
    The suits dont look too bad tho`...
    And a youtube preview which doesnt look that bad actually.

    The next one is a 1968 czechoslovakian/french co-production called Automat na přání/The wishing machine.This was released [supposedly in somewhat shortened form] in the west in 1971.
    The spacesuit sequences involve the 2 young heroes wishing to be the first kids on the moon and imagining the fame that would result,tho they never actually make it to the moon.

    Heres an english narrated trailer for [probably] the 1971 western release,this has quite a few shots of the spacesuits in it.
    And heres the original [no english audio or subs sadly] [the spacesuit sequences are at 16:50 and 42:50]

    It was while I was actually looking for info on this film that I stumbled across the 1977 czech time travel movie with the 2001-ish looking suits that I posted some links to pics of in your morcombe and wise post.
    Just out of curiosity [and knowing what a big fan you are of the original 2001 suits] what did you think of the design of those czech suits?.

    Last and definitely least on the list is a 1997 movie called Falling Fire [also released on video as The Cusp and also as Apocalypse].The premise sounds really rather similar to deep impact or armageddon,ie big asteroid threatens earth with extinction.
    This one does have a couple of minor interesting details tho`,first off its a roger corman co-production,and as we all know that can be both good and bad,but to be fair roger has done rather a lot for sf movies and spacesuits.Secondly its got Michael Pare in it and hes featured in another film on this site,the 1983 film the Philadelphia experiment,where he wore the remaining original [non modified] Way way out helmet,tho in this case it wasnt as part of a spacesuit but some sort of anti radiation suit [I think].

  2. The X-Files episode 'Space' has a pretty cheap looking spacesuit in it, gotta wonder where it was reused from: