Friday, 9 October 2020

Gog (1954)

So I've been wrestling with Blogger like it was Hal from 2001 but I think I now have control back with out having to pull out it's memory chips....although it came close, I can tell you!

So on with the show. And finally some words to go with the pictures...

A security agent investigating possible sabotage at a secret underground research facility discovers that a chain of murders has occurred, apparently engineered via the supercomputer NOVAC which coordinates base operations and its robot minions, GOG and MAGOG.

I've never had the pleasure of this 1954 movie but have given it a quick viewing this evening online and its looks pretty good.

Obviously those spacesuits are familiar to regular followers as Destination Moon spacesuits with helmets from Cat-Women on the Moon, or some yet to be pinned down earlier film,





  1. Part of this same sequence is recycled in the episode Project 44 from the 1955 tv series Science Fiction Theater. [3:51]
    There are also similar looking destination moon type suits that appear in a few other sequences during the episode,with the main difference being the helmet design which is of the perspex fishbowl type but which has a circular flat face plate bolted to the front of it.

    1. Both were Iva Tor productions. The helmets, belt harness look to be from "Abbott and Costello Go to Mars", maybe the suits too, they look like the ones from the movie. You really can't tell as the A&C movie was in B&W.

  2. I`ve found another very obscure one,its from a 1987 japanese tv show called 裸の大 [EP57],this translates supposedly as "Naked General",tho there wasnt any nudity that I could see.
    The episode in question features an alien that is wearing some sort of gold spacesuit with a very large helmet but sadly they`ve lit the whole scene with very bright lights so its not totally clear.
    Anyway heres a pic
    And you can see the episode in question: [the sequence is between 7:40-8:50]
    Hopefully you are keeping healthy....

    1. Hi Tim. Health is good thanks. lots of computer blogger issues that needed sorting but so busy with the day job that I ran away from my laptop whenever I didn't need to be logged in. Hope you are well. There's no such thing as normal anymore but hopefully I'm a step nearer to it now and will try to blog a bit more often

  3. Okay,this time I`ve found a really,really,really obscure one.
    Its the 1967 indian sf movie chand par chadayee/Trip to Moon.Now despite being made in 1967 it has the look and feel of the old 1930s flash gorden serials,tho with some rather unique local touches such as 2 female characters fencing with swords,and boy can they fence,not to mention doing their own stunts as well.Theres a hilarious scene involving a guy with a rocket pack with little wisps of smoke coming out of it dropping bombs on a cardboard model city,and of course theres a guy in a terrible robot costume.
    And yes there are space suits... [the bulk of the suit shots are from 21:00-23:00]